• Acid & Bile Resistant

    DDS Probiotics are naturally acid & bile resistant. We do not add chemicals or coatings. We just choose the best strains for our formulations.

  • Probiotic Legacy

    Since 1979 we have been focused on creating the highest quality and most natural probiotic. We ensure this by manufacturing in our own plant right here in the USA.

  • Hat Trick by Better Nutrition

    3 Years in a row we have been recognized for our superior probiotics. Better Nutrition has awarded our formulations of ProbioGreen, Probioplus DDS®, and Cran-Gyn DDS®

  • Allergen Free

    Our probiotics are Dairy free, wheat free, soy free, gluten free, preservative free, and Non-GMO. Great probiotics without anything unnecessary.

  • You may find more, but you won't find better

    We use our trademarked acidophilus DDS®-1 strain. It is extremely durable and is backed by extensive research. It is not about how many strains when it comes to a quality probiotic, but which strains.

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DDS Probiotics is a top quality probiotic Manufacturer since 1979. The owners of the alphastrain acidophilus DDS-1. Since our our first day in 1979 we have been driven to creating the highest quality probiotics. Through innovation and hard work we have created a probiotic that is naturally acid and bile resistant, free of allergens and GMO’s as well as room temperature stable.